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Who we are

“Citeesart” represents a whole new era in fashion as it is the emerging company in garment decoration. Our creative team works on a daily basis to bring the best results. Now, we present you our new e-shop which is full of colors, light, creativity and inspiration.

Unique designs for unique people

Since the 80% of our daily clothing consists of t-shirts, buying one seems more like an investment than a simple purchase. Why a t-shirt with a travel destination? People used to buy this kind of t-shirts as a souvenir when travelling. Nowadays, not only are travel prints in fashion, but also you don’t have to be a tourist to buy and wear the prints of the countries that you love since we can provide you with that opportunity. Travel- destination prints are fashion items. Of course they can represent a country that you’ve been to but they can also depict a destination that you’ve always wanted to visit.


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Our designs are unique, just like you! A nice outfit can reveal your personality and cheer you up. As you can see in our e-shop, our designs are fresh and colorful. Our inspiration derives from our travels, our photographs and our passion about life and fashion. A look at our e-shop will prove us right!

Monuments, beaches and landmarks of each country are a few of our designs that you’re able to see and we can assure you that you will be excited about our numerous options. In addition, our collection is made of water-based prints that are 100% non hazardous and toxin free, completely vegan-friendly and contain no animal by-products as we respect our environment and our customers.


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Eco-friendly prints and new fashion design is the best match up that only WE can guarantee. Bring “Citeesart” in your life and you bring a lust for joy, travels and for life itself.
Welcome to “Citeesart”…

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